Summer camp is a life changing adventure, and I know your child’s life will be transformed. Though camp is only one week, it can create a life altering experience that can spur on an individual’s faith journey for an eternity. 

Why is summer camp important?
Camp is important for many different reasons. First it gives the students who attend a week of relationship building. They meet people from all over Washington and Northern Idaho. They also make stronger relational connections with other students in our Youth Ministry. This reason does not compare with the second, which is they have a week away from the distractions of everyday life (i.e. television, phone, computer etc). With these distractions eliminated, they are more apt to receive from the Holy Spirit. Students end up leaving camp having God touch and change their life.

Where is summer camp located?
Camp is located at Cedar Springs, which is in Lake Stevens, WA.  Cedar Springs is 202 miles away from Vancouver, WA. 

How much does summer camp cost?
$230 per student if registration, release forms AND money are turned in by Sunday, July 12th.  Late registration costs $250 and is available until the week of camp.

How do I pay for  summer camp?
There are a variety of ways in which you can pay for camp.
- You can make weekly or monthly payments
- Another way of paying for camp is a one time payment of $230.
- There will also be some fundraising opportunities available. Encourage your child to participate in these fundraisers to lower their cost of camp.

We strongly encourage you to not allow lack of resource to hinder you from sending your child to camp.

When is summer camp this year?
July 27th - July 31st.


Let’s partner together to make 2015 summer camp the best camp ever for your child. Contact the church office if you have any questions or comments:

Email:               Phone: (360)573-5676.



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