Men's Ministry


What would happen if a group of men started praying over their families, leaders, jobs, spiritual walk and churches together? The world would change! Men's ministry gives you a chance to connect with other men and pray, laugh and change the world together. Are you up for it? Get connected.

At these breakfasts there is a time of making friends, getting inspired and, of course, good eating. Come and join us for these breakfasts. You'll be glad you did.

Upcoming Dates: Saturday, March 16, 9:00 am

                               Location: Church

      After breakfast we will be cleaning up the church grounds inside and out for Easter. Please come and eat and then help! :)



 Men's Only Small Group Opportunities:


7:00 pm - Bible Study & Dinner

                 Enjoy great food physically and spiritually!

                 Led by Mark Cain (360) 515-6357 - call for more info

                 Location: 1203 NW 111th St, Vancouver 98685


NW Men's Conference

May 17-18, Pasco, WA

Mark your calendars now!



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Men's Rafting Retreat July, 2011